CanDB - Breweriana Database Software

CanDB is a breweriana database, collection management, and HTML generation application. The intended use of this product is for creating graphical breweriana composites, with many different styles of generated HTML pages, such that details can be viewed with real pictures, not boring text. Collectors collect due to the variety of different visuals and colors of the items, not for display of black and white lists.

Questions and Answers
Q: What type of computer do I need to run the CanDB software?
A: CanDB is written in Java and can run on any computer which supports the Java Runtime Environment. Code has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
Q: What about tablets such as iPad, Surface, Galaxy, etc?
A: If the device supports Java then very possible. However, CanDB generates numerous HTML files, and these can be viewed by any web browser on essentially any device. While CanDB may not run on all devices, you may easily use the generated HTML and images on all.
Q: What version of Java do I need installed on my computer?
A: You must have Java version 1.6.x or later. Java 1.6 was released December, 2006 so very likely your computer already has an acceptable Java version installed. Please see the download instructions for CanDB differences between Windows and MacOS computers.
Q: What is the cost of the CanDB software?
A: While I am not releasing CanDB as public domain software, there is no cost for beer can collectors to use this software. There is no licensing, no registration required. This software is being made freely available to hopefully help others put together more PICTORIAL composites!
Q: Can I view sample screen shots or output before downloading?
A: Click on the picture above or button "View CanDB Help Topics" for help topics which are available within the program. As for HTML output, you can see 1000's of real generated HTML pages at : California Straight Steel
Q: What about new features or bug fixes?
A: I wrote and use CanDB myself, so if you encounter any bugs or have ideas for new features, lets talk! Version 2.0 already includes some collector feedback. Also, if you would like to be informed of new versions please provide an email address for me to contact you.