CanDB Version History

Version 3.5.0

·         Added beer can modifier tags for IRTP, Withdrawn Free, Opening Instructions, and Test can. Check boxes added to the Item tab and attempt to imply values based on short text description during import. Appears as “Mods” in the filters and variation controls.

·         Now uses ImageMagick “-auto-orient” when importing images. Many digital cameras don’t actually do the pixel processing when changing camera orientation but instead just store an “Exif Orientation” tag with the file. Not all software recognizes this Exif tag and images may appear rotated when displayed in browsers. Use of the “-auto-orient” option causes CanDB to auto rotate if necessary so pictures are displayed correctly regardless of older or newer web browser.

·         Fixed import of Excel CSV files with respect to values with embedded double quote characters.

·         Fixed defect of creating a new item and immediately doing a “Delete” without ever saving the item. CanDB was attempting to move file(s) from disk which had never been saved to disk.

·         Changed the tray icon such that different from the BMV (Beer Magazine Viewer).

Version 3.4.0

·         Now automatically generates a top level "Projects.html" web page. This page includes images and links to each defined project, and makes it easier to bookmark just a single URL, linking all projects together.

·         Improved "Import From Excel". Can now create breweries based on multiple columns (e.g. Name,City). Also now does more to attempt to map both "Type" (e.g. Flat, Pull, Zip, etc) as well as "Seam" style to CanDB terminology.

·         No longer forces image size for the generated Cover page. Now uses whatever image user has created "as is".

Version 3.3.0

·         Added "Rarity" input combo box and display for Beer Can projects.

·         Now allows user to select between 0..5 possible properties to display on the generated HTML pages. The default is still "Date" and "Price", but user now has ability to configure the set of properties.

Version 3.2.0

·         Internal changes only, now sharing some common source code with the BMV project.

Version 3.1.0

·         Added “Tools -> Check For Updates” to simplify future program updates. New revisions will now be web hosted both “zipped” and “unzipped” so possible for CanDB to update itself by simple HTTP GET requests based on differences between local computer and the web hosted image. For example, if only three files changed, only need to update three files. No need to download the entire JRE or all the help topics each time.

·         Added new “Edit -> Variation Controls” for user control of what constitutes a variation. There are program built in defaults (e.g. for beer cans these are Can Company, Can Code and Seam) but user may now configure these to be any of the selectable properties.

·         Beer can "Types" and “Seams” are now both editable lists (user configurable). Use the “Config” tab to dynamically add/rename/delete selectable choice of either (right click to edit).

·         Added new “Lid” property in the Item tab for beer cans. While this is limited in length, you can now enter some form of coding system and filter on this value or use in the variation controls. The HTML configuration tab also has a “Display Lids” checkbox (default is still off) to include some Lid information in the generated HTML. I am still experimenting with a good display format to show all four images of the can and the two images of the top and bottom.

·         Number of beer can faces may now be 1, 2, or 3. A three-faced can is displayed similar to a one-faced.

Version 3.0.0

·         CanDB goes international!!! What started out with a collecting friend from Brazil asking about CanDB support for Portuguese has resulted in nearly every file in CanDB being modified to support multiple languages. With this latest major release, CanDB can now support languages English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The program, all help topics, menus, tool tips, labels, etc now dynamically adjust to the selected language.

·         “Tools -> Options” now has a combo box selector to choose language of choice, with the default still being “English”.

·         The “Config -> Can Sizes” is now user extendable. Previous versions allowed enable/disable of built in sizes, but for international support and a variety of international can sizes, users can now add any desired sizes.

Version 2.1.0

·         Added “HTML Image Controls” to the HTML tab. This option is NOT enabled by default, but I use this for all my CSS and MBC generated HTML. Please read full details in the HTML tab help content.

·         Added control for “Number Of Digits” when renumbering Brewery or Item references. For example, if you prefer to have items numbered with leading “0’s” to always have three digits, then choose “3”. If the given item number would normally be assigned “5”, the formatted value would be “005”.

·         Fixed several bugs with the project type “Sheets”. I rushed this into 2.0.0 but discovered some issues when I imported all my flat sheets.

·         Changed generation of “Grouped By Brewery” page to use table/tr/td HTML tags instead of straight image references. This results in the images with consistent padding and alignment, producing slightly better looking web pages.

·         Code review of all source files and minor code cleanup and simplifications. Basically some code changes I wanted to include into 2.0.0 but didn’t want to hold up the 2.0.0 release.

Version 2.0.0

·         User configurable HTML filters for three custom HTML pictorials. Want to produce a pictorial of all your 12 oz cans, bottom opened, cost greater than $$$? Want to generate a pictorial of all cone tops that start with the letter “A” and high profile? As long as you have the data in CanDB, you can easily generate your own custom pictorials without knowing anything about writing HTML.

·         Added Project Types. From the Project Tab there is now a “Breweriana Type” combo box from which you can define a given project to contain Cans (the default), Coasters, Trays, Sheets, or general purpose “Other”. The Item tab, Configuration, Import content, and HTML generation will adjust based on the project type. It is easy to program additional built in CanDB project types so anyone that wants to help define criteria for a new breweriana type, lets discuss.

·         Features “File -> Import From File” to import data from tab separated file (Excel) and “File -> Import From Canventory” to import data from binary Canventory files. New help topics have been added for each import feature.

·         New “Tools -> Renumber Brewery References” and “Tools -> Renumber Item References” to automatically renumber lists based on user specified increments. This may be useful if you didn’t leave gaps and need to enter new data between two existing items.

·         New “Tools -> Disable Image Viewer”. While the Image Viewer introduced with Version 1.1.0 makes it nice to view a more detailed image with simple mouse hover, while entering quantity of new data the automatic popup of the viewer may get annoying. Simply use this menu item to toggle on/off the user of the Image Viewer.

·         Added new “Tools -> Cost to Price Report” which generates a report of your given projects/items with quantity, cost, price, and differences. Some of the totals in terms of $$$ spent to acquire your items may be a bit shocking!

·         Added ability to “drag and drop” items with the CanNavigator tree. Note that you can only drag items with no variations, a variation to become a standalone item, or a standalone items as a variation of an existing item. Item references and short/long names may adjust automatically. Note that if you drop onto an existing item, the selection becomes a variation of that given item. If you want to move an existing item to a different brewery, or a variation to a standalone item, drop the selection on the brewery entry.

·         Added a sixth image for Beer Cans so room to also include picture of bottom lid.

·         Changed the BCOM (Beer Cans of Michigan) reference to Lilek (Opening Instructionals). Simply because there are many more OI collectors than the few Michigan.

·         Added some “when feature used” popup help topics to address some of the common questions from CanDB users. Specifically, discussion of when the Add and Save buttons enable only after unique values have been entered for reference, short name and long name.

·         On the Item tab, right click popup on a given image now allows you to “Adjust” those images. This is more important for “Import From Canventory” and possibly swapping images for Front, Left, Back and Right for a given item/can.

·         Updated help topics and lots of miscellaneous code cleanup and GUI layouts. While I liked the original program structure, there is now a much better generalization using Java interfaces and reflection.

Version 1.2.0

·         Port to MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks). While the Windows version in one form or another has been around since 2003, I was reluctant to purchase a MacOS system. While I do like the Unix core to MacOS X, I do now understand why majority of developers (including myself) stay with the Windows operating systems! That said, end users for some reason like Apple products so CanDB will now be supported for both major operating systems.

·         Now provides both standard download which assumes user's computer has a version of Java 1.6.x or later installed, or a "bundled package" which is reasonably larger but contains a Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment) for CanDB private usage without user needing to download Java. Would be so much easier for developers if Microsoft, Apple and Oracle would stop suing each other...

·         Added help topic for the "Tools -> Preferences" dialog. Another round of review and minor changes to other help topics.

Version 1.1.0

·         Added use of the ImageViewer when making selections in the Navigator tree, as well as added Rotate/Cancel buttons to the bottom of the ImageViewer. This makes it much easier to see details about a given beer can image without need to be running a web browser.

·         Fixed bug introduced just before 1.0.0 released that would enable/disable buttons per state. The "Clear" button was incorrectly left off and was left disabled.

Version 1.0.0

·         First external release November 11, 2012. While code existed as far back as 2003 for generating HTML for web hosting Michigan Beer Cans content, a user interface for capturing the beer can information/images did not start until late July, 2012 based on desire to put together GRAPHICAL composites. While Excel spreadsheets are one way to capture composite information, it is so much nicer to view detailed images than read line after line of text!

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