Special Thanks

This page is dedicated to those beer can collecting enthusiasts who have specifically helped contribute to the success and completeness of MBC variation information. I thank them for allowing me into their homes, their time and permission for me to take digital images of some of their beer cans, and all around sharing of information by phone, email, and at numerous beer can shows. The friendships shared among beer can collectors is what makes this such an enjoyable hobby!!!
Special thanks go out to Chris Taylor who has been instrumental in making this both a successful and enjoyable project. Chris has allowed at least six separate visits to photograph his collection, and was the first main Michigan collection photographed after the author's. Also, Chris has provided numerous pieces of information and corrections, many very useful and friendly email exchanges, as well as still bringing variations with him to shows to be photographed. Thank you very much Chris!!!
Please note the following names are listed mainly in timeline order in which they initially contributed to the Michigan Beer Cans project. What has been wonderful about this project has been all the ongoing support reviewing new MBC versions and continued checking for those missing variations!. Thanks go out to all!

  • Chris Taylor
  • Chuck Starrett
  • Eric Menning
  • Don Wild
  • Leon Hampton
  • Dale Rogalski
  • Jack Lucas
  • Jim Potapa
  • John McGuire
  • Bob McCoy
  • Greg Stinsa
  • Dick Adamowicz
  • Rawley Douglas
  • Dan Bora
  • Dave Wheaton
  • Keith Niel
  • John McLogan
  • Dave Van Hine
  • Tom Waggoner
  • Bob Hilderbrand
  • Dave Stark
  • Tom Wascher
  • Ed Stroh
  • Al Cambridge
  • Kevin Foley
  • Robert Fondren
  • Alex Draper
  • Marc Tracy
  • Steve Gordon
  • Don Kaiser
  • Ted Wolfe
  • John Vetter
  • Chris O'Brien
  • Rick Schmidt
  • Jon Remund
  • Eric Claussen
  • Kurt Matson
  • Jim Hall
  • Your Name Here

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